Cum Grano Salis - Ston
From May 2019

Ston - Multimedia Pastoral play

Site-specific play which will change your perception of the Kaštio fortress and introduce you to the history, tradition, cultural heritage and artistic works of Ston in a spectacular blend of audio-visual technologies, interactive installations, immersive projections, light show, pyrotechnics and live performances.

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Through poetic daydreaming of Antun Sasin, Ilija Crijević, Savko Bobaljević-Glušac and other renaissance literati of Ston, the ambience of the Kaštio fortress is transformed into an arcadian landscape of a renaissance pastoral play where the natural and the fantastical meet.

MAY 2019

A spectacular sensory experience which transports you to a dream-like place where time has stopped.
The play features original artists from Ston and the surrounding area, local folklore associations, a capella groups and surprise musical guests.

Concept & direction: Anja Maksić Japundžić
Production: Katapult promocija

Cum Grano Salis - Ston

Project was co-financed by European Union from European Regional Development Fund.